緊縛師 琵琶奏者 ふぅ

ふぅ 緊縛師/琵琶奏者





新宿・歌舞伎町のSMバー 密蜜-mitsu-のスタッフとして所属。
SMや fetish などマイノリティーに興味を持つお客さまのコミュニケーションの場や、出会いの場所として居心地の良いお店づくりをめざす。

As a clinical engineering technician, worked at Tokyo Medical and Dental University.
After that, turn to a bondage master.
Discover the goodness of the compatibility of the combination of the lady's tied and the biwa's sound.
2009. Teach kinbaku to Mr. SaikatuI, and teach biwa as a master of classical biwa. Emphasize "beauty of rituality" common to bondage and biwa.

Performing at a religious facility. Contemporary dance, Butoh, Suibokuga painting and other artists work together in collaboration. Focuses on the theme of Japanese literature such as "Syunkinnsyo" and "Heike Monogatari".

Fitish event organized ”dosyaburi no orgasm”(
Challenge the performance of a new combination with strip dancers and musicians.

Belong to Shinjuku Kabukicho's SM bar -mitsu-.
We aim to create a comfortable shop as a place of communication for customers who are interested in SM and fetish.


ステイトメント Statement


僕にとっての「緊縛」は、縛られた女性のカラダの儀式めいた美しさと、 琵琶という楽器の幽玄な音色がとてもよく合い、 これら二つの組み合わせには特別な可能性があると感じています。
琵琶は、日本で1500年前からシャーマニックな楽器として神事などでも演奏されていた楽器でもあり 他の楽器にはない、人間の内面に容易に入り込むような、音のチカラがあります。

僕は緊縛に興味を持たない相手に対して、緊縛の良さを無理に理解してもらおうとまでは思いません。 SMバーや、縄会も特殊な趣味をもった人達のクローズな場で良いと思っています。
それでも、僕がスタッフとして勤めているSMバー密蜜-mitsu-や、僕が主催するイベントに 興味を持ってくれた方が、新しい発見をしていただければ、幸いだと思います。

When thinking kinnbaku as SM, the purpose of tying the other party is each. It has no definition nor answer.Sometimes the purpose of the master and the model will pass each other.
It must be a rich communication from directly touching the other's body.
For me, "bondage" is that the beauty like a ceremonial ritual of a bound woman "and the unpleasant tone of a biwa instruments fit very well, and there is a special possibility for these two combinations I feel it.

I do not think for anyone who is not interested in bondage to understand the goodness of bondage. I think the SM bar is a closed place for people with special hobbies. Still, I think that if you are interested in SM bar - mitsu - that I work as a staff, I hope you find new discoveries.


Even if our efforts of attention seem for years to be producing no result, one day a light that is in exact proportion to them will flood the soul.

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